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November Classes



The following is a descripion of silver classes and costs.


Ring Project cost $55.00

You will make and complete one western style ring, all silver and the cabochon are furnished in the cost of the class.


Pendant project cost $55.00

You will make and take home 2 pendants. This project builds on what was learned with the making of the ring project.


You will need to bring with you one cabochon of your choice. the size needs to be around a fifty cent piece or 1.5 inches .


Bracelet Project cost of $70.00

Having learned about using the equipment and the basics of soldering, we will take a day and make several bracelets. One out of silver and the rest out of copper.


The aim of this project is to add new techniques to your arsenal while working in a new metal. You will learn to use a rolling mill to make wire stock and flat sheet.


You should be able to take home 1 bracelet in silver and at least four to five bracelets in copper.


Open Shop cost $25.00


You can come into my shop and use my equipment and work on what you wish while I am working on my own projects. I will be available to bounce ideas off of or to walk you through any steps you are having issues with. Cost is $25 as you will be either buying supplies from me or supplying your own materials.


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Lapidary Classes



 The Art of Beginning Cab making $25.00

I will supply one rough slab for you to cut and polish using my equipment. You will learn to chose which part of the slab is best for the stone you wish to cut and how to draw the outline using a template. from there you will use the trim saw to cut the slab into a managable size for cabbing. Followed by dopping, grinding and final polish of you stone.


Introductory Faceting cost $30.00


Want somethign more challanging than making a Cabochon? Faceting is both challanging and rewarding. I will provide a piece of Quartz for your first stone. Be prepared to spend at least 8 hours completing your first faceted stone


Each day has a total of three students that can sign up for the class. Exceptions are lapaidary classes, which can have only one student using the equipment at a time.


 I will mark through the spots as they are taken.


All classes start at 9 a.m. and go until finished. So don't forget to pack a lunch.


Call 520-378-2592 or email me at to sign up for one of the classes.

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